by Junior

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The sophomore EP by Cardiff pop-punk trio Junior, recorded at Steel City Studios, Sheffield.

"Juniorland is an EP full of good songs and even better ideas" - RockSound

"It's polished, mature and good fun; catchy, melodic and damn addictive. 'A House That's Not Quite Home' could well be the track of 2015" - The Punk Archive

"Junior have crafted an absolutely enthralling assemblage of of alt-rock and punk that makes an impact so powerful it defies description." - Pure M Magazine

"...sounds reminiscent of circa 2000 Blink-182 and New Found Glory, and I was glad Junior have been brave enough to venture outside of the box." - Mentioned Reviews

"Juniorland is a fresh throwback to early 2000's if not late 90's pop punk, and it's gorgeous; almost a guilty pleasure" - Musicology Online

" 'That Pretty Dress' is possibly one of the most fun pop-punk songs of the year, and that's saying something.." Hit The Floor

"From the first listen, you're transported to another pop-punk world that isn't just about girls, skateboarding and pizza." - Toxic Online


released October 16, 2015

Guitars/Vocals - Matt Attard
Bass/Vocals - Mark Andrews
Drums/Vocals - Si Martin

Recorded and produced by Drew Lawson and Phil Gornell at Steel City Studios



all rights reserved


Junior Cardiff, UK

South Wales based poppity punk.

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Track Name: A House That's Not Quite Home
Day one, on my own, it's so cold in this house
I don't want to bother, but I know that I've found
A place I need to be

You know that it hurts,
I got what I need

Be happy, be happy,
The ones who love you still love you now
You're lonely, so lonely
In a house that's not quite home

I'm not a saint or a sinner in my eyes,
If we followed our moral compasses inside,
We'd shine not fade away

The pictures strip from the wall, a sold sign hangs from the door,
It won't be the same, history was made here
We piled the boxes on stairs, handwritten fragile take care
Left with the last remains of the past ten years
Track Name: Maria
He held her hand, she drifts away
There must be something I can say
I wasn't there to say to goodbye
And I have my own reasons why
A grieving heart that breaks in two
I don't need it like you do

And if you're leaving that's just fine
Just leave me one last thing in mind
Can we take a walk outside
And watch the world come to life?

Maria, won't you come outside and play
Have you looked out your window, it's a beautiful day
We've seen the sunshine wash away the rain
Now Maria, won't you come outside and play?

I won't let this pass me by
I'm not afraid to live my life

And if you need me that's just fine
I don't need to see the signs
When we take a walk outside
And watch the world come to life
Track Name: That Pretty Dress
I swim in water from a wishing well
I swore my secrets I will never tell
But then you saw a side of me
A part I thought you'd never see
A surface world of boy meets girl
Then girl takes world and turns it into hell

This one's not gonna be a sad song
Even though you dragged me through a long one
So here's my resignation, retired from infatuation
I'll take my time and I'll show myself the door

We used to laugh
We used to cry
We used to bottle up and keep it all inside
And now I see but you're still blind and wondering why
'cause you're a nice girl, but you love to lie

You're not the person that you led me to expect
What I look for in another is what your jealousy reflects
All of the stress from failing all your little tests
Lying side by side in bed with you was something that I wanted to forget

I swim in water from a wishing well
I keep my secrets; I will never tell

It's not my fault that you're content with second best
There's so much more to you than just that pretty dress
But you love to

We used to laugh
We used to cry
We used to bottle up and keep it all inside
And now I see but you're still blind and wondering why
'cause you're a nice girl, but you need to learn to laugh
Try not to cry
So raise a glass to better health and better times
And now I see why you're still sad and I'm just fine
'cause you're a nice girl but you love to lie
Track Name: Lakeside
I'm missing light in the afternoon
But it's only as dark as your room
'cause anything's better than rain in December
This feeling is nothing new

This must have happened at the wrong time
I'm still looking for peace of mind
And I wish that I was keeping dry in Lakeside
But as hard as I try, I can't seem to fight the tide

We fool around on your old bedroom floor
But at least you can't pretend you wanted more
And then that time you stuttered on the phone
You can't have it all

The winter helps me reflect
'cause I'll never forget
The first time you undressed
With your head in my arms, and your hands on my chest
After such a long time of feeling like second best

I'm scared and I'm not afraid to show it
Everything I know from home is going
Standing by the window, it's snowing outside
An empty house in Lakeside
And I'm drowning in the tide

I'm not keeping dry in Lakeside

The pictures strip from the wall, a sold sign hangs from the door
It won't be the same; history was made here
We pile the boxes on stairs, handwritten 'Fragile - Take Care'
Filled with the last remains
Track Name: If I Had The Time, I'd Tell You I'm Not Sorry
You got me at my lowest and you didn't put me back
You left me hanging on the mantelpiece; I clawed myself right back
I didn't need a reason, no, I didn't drop a line
I let you hinder every moment, and you're still not worth my time

You're going to war and you're fighting yourself
You're staring at clocks that gather dust on the shelf
You're gonna miss it all

I know all your excuses so don't even waste your breath
I'll admit that I don't miss the taste of stale cigarettes
You never saw it coming, so I never second guessed
You always thought that you were right until the day I left

And you're losing your war, 'cause you're lost in yourself
And you're choosing to blame it on the hand that you're dealt
You're gonna miss it all

Why'd you say you love me when you didn't even care at all?
I'm not waiting on a second hand pity call

You tell me I'm useless
I say that you're lonely
At least I got better
Track Name: Anywhere But Here
If I showed you what I've seen
You'd still be angry at me
If I let myself go blind
Would you see it through my eyes?
I can't fall down
When I'm barely standing at all

I can't get it right (It always was)
It haunts my nights (it always is)
For all my life (for always)
It Haunts me

Am I scared of letting go
Or letting go of being scared?
I'm not prepared
At the bottom of these spiraled stairs
Idle minded playing with your knotted hair
Passing time and wishing I was
Anywhere but here